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The Use Of Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy resins are commonly used in conjunction with additives to obtain application value. Additives can be selected according to different uses, commonly used additives have the following categories: (1) curing agent; (2) modifier; (3) filler; (4) diluent; (d) other.

Curing agent is an essential additive, whether it is used as adhesives, coatings, pouring materials are required to add curing agent, or epoxy resin can not be cured.

Due to the different requirements of the use of performance, the epoxy resin and curing agent, modifier, filler, thinner and other additives have different requirements. Now, the selection method is introduced:

(I) selection of epoxy resin

1, from the use of choice

As the adhesive is the best selection of middle value of epoxy (0.25-0.45) resin, such as 6101, 634; make the best choice when casting high value of epoxy resin (>0.40), such as 618, 6101; the general selection for coating with low value of epoxy resin (<0.25), such as 601, 604, 607, 609 etc..

2, choose from the mechanical strength

The epoxy value is too high, the resin strength is larger, but more brittle; the epoxy value of the medium and low temperature strength is good; epoxy value is low, the strength of the temperature difference. Because of the strength and the degree of crosslinking, the epoxy value of high curing degree of crosslinking is also high, the epoxy value is low after curing crosslinking degree is low, so the difference in strength.

3, from the operation requirements

Without high temperature, not to the required strength, hope to epoxy resin quick drying, not easy to lose, can choose the epoxy value lower resins; if the permeability is good, strength, can choose epoxy value higher resin.