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Is The Resin Material Pp Toxic?

PP engineering plastics. It is a kind of excellent resin variety, which is developed after the nylon, it is a kind of linear polymer with high density, no side chain and high crystallinity. PP has good solvent resistance, oil resistance, weak acid, weak base and other properties. POM has a very high hardness and steel, with a high degree of creep and stress relaxation ability, excellent wear resistance, self lubrication, and fatigue, is not comparable to other engineering plastics.

If the cup is made of polypropylene is non-toxic, manufacturing temperature (c) 180 ~ 240. So the boiling water will not break it down.

PP plastics in the project also has a lot of applications, such as electroplating bath in the past with PVC plastic, and now because of the PP has better performance, manufacturing cost and PVC similar, most of the use of PP plastic manufacturing. Most of the domestic water supply pipes are replaced by PP pipes, which are clean and convenient.